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Book 1966 - The 50th Anniversary The FA, Clive Batty

The Book 1966 The 50th Anniversary The FA Clive Batty In 1966, history was made in the world of football as England won the World Cup for the very first time. But that same year, another significant event was taking place within the Football Association.  It was the year when Clive Batty published his book '1966: The 50th Anniversary', celebrating the golden milestone of the FA. In this book, Batty highlights many memorable moments and milestones in football history, taking readers on an incredible journey through the evolution the sport.  Join us as we delve into the pages of Batty's masterpiece and discover the magic of football's rich history. Source :  1. Commemorating England's Greatest Sporting Triumph The year 1966 will always be remembered by football enthusiasts and specifically by England fans worldwide as the year of their greatest sporting triumph. England won their first and only World Cup, and that iconic moment is now being celebr
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Story of the 1966thebook

Story of the 1966thebook  As sports enthusiasts, we often reminisce about historical sporting events that have captured the hearts and minds of millions. And perhaps, one of the most unforgettable sporting moments was the historic 1966 World Cup.  Source : The tournament was hosted by the UK and showcased some of the world's greatest football players on the grandest stage of all.  To help us relive this momentous occasion, 1966 is a stunning coffee-table book that offers an exclusive glimpse into the tournament, complete with previously unseen photography, memorabilia, and hidden documents.  It is presented in a luxurious souvenir cloth slipcase with gold foil lettering – a true collector's item for sports fans everywhere. If you're looking to delve deeper into the legacy of the 1966 World Cup, this book is an absolute must-read. Source : 1. The Legacy of the 1966 World Cup on UK Football The 1966 World Cup, the only time it has been he